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Species Comparison – Genitourinary Assays

Our scientists can provide studies in human and rat uterine tissue to identify species differences in uterine contractility. The graph below shows that the response of these tissues to oxytocin is markedly different, meaning animal tests measuring uterine contractility may not fully reflect the human response.

Human Oxytocin Uterus-2

Rat Uterus Oxytocin.png-1

Cumulative concentration-response curve to oxytocin in human and rat isolated uterine muscle strips (n=3). A:  Human results show the change in peak frequency as a percentage of baseline peak frequency in response to oxytocin exposure B: Rat results show the change in baseline expressed as a percentage of baseline in response to oxytocin exposure.

Rat Uterine contractility (oxytocin)

Determine whether your test article affects rat uterine contractility via oxytocin receptors. Can be used in comparative studies to investigate species differences.