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Lung Parenchyma Culture

Our parenchymal explant culture model provides an excellent platform to investigate and understand the mechanisms of lung diseases and the local effects of test compounds. These fresh explants contain the full complement of lung parenchymal cells in their native ratios and spatial orientation. This allows normal cell-cell communications and interactions to take place, replicating the local in vivo conditions of the lung.

  • Diseased and non-diseased donor responses can be compared
    e.g. asthma, COPD
  • Measure multiple translational end-points from one experiment
    e.g. biomarkers/mediator release, explant viability, histopathologically, gene expression, cell signaling mechanisms

Multiple human lung parenchymal 3-5mm3 explants dissected from diseased COPD lung tissue

Image: An example of human fresh lung used for our parenchyma culture studies.