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3D Neurite Outgrowth Model

By measuring neurite outgrowth you can assess the effects of your test articles on neurite formation or toxicity. Our translational neurite outgrowth model combines our award-winning Alvetex scaffold technology with iPSC-derived human neurons to produce a mature, neuronal network that develops dense synaptic connections.

Developed in partnership with the University of Durham, REPROCELL’s iPSC-derived StemRNA™ Neuro cells - available as healthy wild-type and Alzheimer Disease patient-derived (presenilin 2 mutation) - are used to assess pathological changes in vitro. This system is compatible with many physiological and pathological ECM coatings (laminin, CSPGs), known pathway inhibitors, and therapeutic lead compounds.

  • Measure inhibition and recovery of neurite outgrowth
  • Use iPSC-derived StemRNA™ Neuro cells derived from healthy or Alzheimer Disease donors 
  • Explore pathological changes in functional human cells in vitro 
  • Assess physiological and pathological ECM coatings, known pathway inhibitors, and test articles


Immunocytochemistry analysis showing neurites in our 3D outgrowth model. 

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