Predictive Drug Discovery Services
Therapeutic Areas: Oncology

Cancer is responsible for approximately 7.6 million deaths world-wide each year, accounting for 25% of all deaths from non-communicable diseases. One-third of cancer deaths are avoidable, and the goal of oncology researchers is to increase that proportion. REPROCELL has a number of products and services to support oncology research.

3D Cancer Models using Alvetex™

Alvetex Scaffold 3D tissue culture supports have been used for a number of cancer models. Cancer invasion assays measure the effect of potential drugs on the migration of cancer cells into the matrix. Cytotoxicity assays measure the potential anticancer agents to halt or reverse the growth of cancer cells. REPROCELL can perform these assays as a service, as well.



Above: Invasion of SW480 (top) and SW620 (bottom) colon carcinoma cells into Alvetex Scaffold.