Predictive Drug Discovery Services
Permeability Studies (ADME/DMPK)


Over 25% of test articles fail clinical trial due to inadequate efficacy[1]. Yet failure can be avoided by accurately predicting the absorption profile of your drug. Our permeability studies use fresh human tissues to predict drug absorption, providing the closest method to testing your drug in the clinic.


Current Permeability Models


Current permeability models, such as animal and CaCo2 systems, lack human complexity. While these systems estimate drug absorption well, they fail to accurately predict oral permeability.

This can lead to inaccurate prediction of drug behaviour in humans due to metabolic and efflux transporter differences.

As a result, many absorption tests are completed in silico using computational models – yet taking a drug to trail without human data can be daunting.

High Quality Human Tissues


At REPROCELL, we have the power to support your research by testing human drug absorption pre-clinically. Our ADME/DMPK studies use ethically-sourced diseased or healthy human GI tissue to help estimate oral bioavailability; giving you the most accurate prediction of drug permeability before clinical trial.

By testing in living human tissue our scientists can negate the metabolic and species differences presented by other models. We can support the results of your in silico studies with pre-clinical laboratory data, providing you with confidence heading into clinical trial.

“The development and use of human tissue-based assays provides an obvious alternative to the current approaches used to predict human pharmacological responses.”
— Holmes et al, 2015[2]

Ussing Chamber Studies


The gold standard method by which oral permeability is measured is the Ussing Chamber. With this system, drug absorption, metabolism, and efflux can be estimated simultaneously using sections of human GI mucosa.

This can lead to inaccurate prediction of drug behaviour in humans due to metabolic and efflux transporter differences.

Reliable Science Supported by Experts


As a REPROCELL customer, we will assign a dedicated study director to your project. Our study directors will actively involve you in the study design are responsible for supporting you at every stage of your project. Upon study closure, they will provide a report detailing the findings from your project.

Our custom drug discovery projects are milestone-based to allow for flexible management of your research and ensure value for money. To find out more, submit an inquiry, or explore the resources listed below.



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