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Saphenous Veins

Although most assessments of drug-mediated vascular effects are conducted in arteries, it can be important to consider the effects on peripheral veins. The saphenous veins are responsible for returning blood from the legs back to the heart. Through constriction or dilation, these veins can adjust the volume of blood returning to the heart, thereby altering cardiac output. We can assess the effect of your test article on the vasoconstriction of veins, including comparisons to positive control mechanisms such as via 5-HT receptors. 


Image: Isolated saphenous veins in a Petri dish. 

Vasoconstriction in human saphenous vein

The model assesses whether test articles cause vasoconstriction in human saphenous vein, with sumatriptan (5-HT1B/1D receptor agonist) as a reference compound.