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3D Human Skin Models

Our Alvetex Scaffold can be used to create 3D, multi-layer full-thickness skin models. Unlike other in vitro skin models, this 3D model possesses a fully developed stratum corneum. This model has been used to study dermal invasion by melanoma cells, giving a good model to study treatments for melanoma. We can run this assay as a service, or you can set it up in your own lab to model skin function and disease. The figure below shows histological analysis of skin equivalents developed using Alvetex compared to our human skin biopsies.

  • Ideal for high-throughput projects
  • Can be set up in your own laboratory or outsourced
  • A budget-friendly alternative to testing in human fresh skin
  • Can be used to model early melanoma invasion

Image: Left, Histochemical analysis of our 3D human skin model. Right, Real human skin. 

Alvetex skin model vs human skin

Image: Left, Histochemical analysis of our 3D human skin model. Right, Real human skin. 

3D Skin Cancer Model

Alvetex Scaffold 3D tissue culture supports have been used for a number of cancer models. Cancer invasion assays measure the effect of potential drugs on the migration of cancer cells into the matrix. Cytotoxicity assays measure the potential anticancer agents to halt or reverse the growth of cancer cells. REPROCELL can perform these assays as a service, as well.

B Melnocytes s100-1

Image: Histochemical analysis revealing migration of melanocytes (indicated by arrow) in our 3D skin model.

3D Autologous Skin Model for toxicity testing

Alcyomics® has developed a full-thickness autologous skin equivalent model from healthy primary human tissue which is representative of normal human skin.

  • Screening platform for testing adverse immunological reactions to large proteins such as monoclonal antibodies, biosimilars, and bio-betters
  • Identify toxicological endpoints such as cytotoxicity (dose-response), cell viability, apoptosis, necrosis, and the effects of compounds or drugs on cytokines, chemokines, and growth factors
  • Cost-effective commercialization of products or drugs to the cosmetic, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries


Image: Microscopy image of autologous skin model created using Alvetex.