Predictive Drug Discovery Services

Human Tissue Assays

Achieve early indication of clinical drug performance using ethically-sourced human fresh tissues. Human ex vivo assays bridge the gap between animal studies and clinical trials — streamlining the drug discovery process and accelerating your test article pipeline.

Human Proof of Concept

At REPROCELL, our experienced team can analyze a range of endpoints using human intact fresh tissues.

With our wide range of assays, you can avoid species differences and harness the ability to:

  • Predict adverse drug effects
  • Demonstrate drug efficacy in humans
  • Estimate GI drug absorption and metabolism
  • Compare effects across species
  • Risk manage clinical development at an early stage

Many of our clients have successfully published data generated in our human tissue assays, and some have even managed to rescue their compounds from clinical failure using our drug discovery services.



High Quality Human Tissues

We can access a wide range human fresh tissues to satisfy your research needs. Our global tissue network and lab operation is one of the largest in the world and allows to access human living tissues 24/7.

Through our clinical network we can access:

  • Diseased human tissues
  • Healthy human tissues
  • Whole organs
  • Biological fluids

We also provide an anonymized medical history of each individual donor — allowing you to match patient profiles with clinical drug responses.


“Biopta’s Human Tissue Services (REPROCELL) have played a critical part in our compound selection and have added considerable value to our lead compound. At our last round of funding, the investors were reassured by the presence of functional data on living human tissues.”

— President & Head of R&D, Canadian Biotech

Ethically-Obtained Samples

Human tissues accessed through our network are ethically-sourced, with every donor consented prior to donation.

We also adhere to a strict exclusion policy during collection, meaning we only accept human tissues of the highest standard for your experiments.

Specific examples of tissue types we can use experimentally include:

  • Healthy and diseased skin
  • IBD tissues: both UC and Crohn’s disease
  • Lung tissues from COPD patients
  • Plus many more in our drug discovery assay catalog

“We were attracted to Biopta (REPROCELL) because they are able to provide sensitive and accurate information from a wide range of different types of tissue, which similar companies cannot do. They can also combine standard screening with valuable information on mechanism, I was impressed with that.”
— CEO, UK Biotech

Customized, Personalized, Humanized

Since 2002, our human live tissue assays and expert scientists have generated enormous savings for hundreds of clients — including 24 of the top 25 Pharma worldwide.

We work together with our clients to leverage our combined knowledge and produce a custom study design which is as unique as your research.

Once a study plan has been agreed, our experienced Study Directors will guide you through each experimental milestone; from study initiation to data generation and analysis.

Upon study closure, we will summarize and interpret that data for you, taking as much time as you need to understand our findings. Moreover, the fresh tissue samples can be further processed for downstream analysis such as transcriptomics, genomics or histology.


Reliable Scientists, Reliable results

Our highly experienced team know how to generate valid, human data with confidence — meaning you can rely on our results for making those critical research decisions. But don’t just take our word for it – our client feedback and publication record speaks for itself.

Biopta (REPROCELL) has provided Proteon with high quality data in human tissue to guide dose selection for human clinical trials. The information has been extremely valuable in demonstrating the potential benefit of PRT-201 in patients needing hemodialysis access or treatment of peripheral arterial disease. The information has and will continue to be an important part of our nonclinical data for regulatory submissions.”
— Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Proteon Therapeutics Inc.