Predictive Drug Discovery Services


Custom drug-discovery assays using live human tissues to ensure safety and efficacy

By using consented and ethically sourced human tissues, Biopta is able to provide early indications of drug safety, efficacy and absorption. Our human ex vivo pharmacology models bridge the gap between animal in vivo data and clinical trials.

  • Human safety assays: predict adverse effects in healthy human tissues
  • Human efficacy assays: use diseased human tissues to demonstrate drug efficacy
  • Human absorption assays: use respiratory and gastrointestinal tissues to predict drug absorption


REPROCELL is your partner for proactive pipeline management

How reliable are your cell culture and animal testing results? Are there past experiences where research results were misleading? Are there some nagging inconsistencies in your data across platforms raise concerns?

  • Human tissue testing is safe and risk-free
  • Don’t risk interpreting animal data on which to base expensive clinical trials
  • Customized controlled studies can verify or question your base assumptions
  • Biopta offers a chance for risk management of clinical trials before you begin

REPROCELL works together with you to leverage our combined knowledge

Consultation diagram

  • Lab analysis — Your proprietary drug is sent to Biopta labs, the human tissue is sourced, and experiments are performed by our experienced staff according to the agreed experimental plan.
  • Data analytics — With over 15 years of performing live human tissue assays, our scientists have generated enormous amounts of data from using standard and customized Biopta apparatus. We know how to generate valid data with confidence.
  • Reports — You will be presented with a final report prepared and reviewed by our team of experts. We’ll summarize the data and interpretations with you, taking as much time as you need. You’ll be satisfied with the quality and have the confidence in the results that you need to make the right decisions.