CRISPR Gene Editing Services



DIY CRISPR is time consuming, laborious and carries a high risk of failure. Successful genome editing requires expertise in gRNA design, plus several rounds of optimization ahead of transfection, isolation, and cloning. At REPROCELL, we have fulfilled over 70 CRISPR gene editing projects with a 97% success rate. Inquire now and receive a quotation for your custom gene editing project.


Reduce CRISPR Failure Rates


Upon its discovery, CRISPR was championed as an easy, cheap way to modify DNA [1]. However, as many researchers have discovered, the technique is not as simple or cheap as first advertised.

Over 30% of researchers think that gRNA optimization is the most challenging stage of DIY CRISPR, and up to seven rounds of editing are required to achieve success [2].

In addition, most gene editing companies have significant expertise in knock-out modifications, but are not as practiced in SNP conversions, knock-in modifications, or iPSC gene editing.



REPROCELL offers flexible and comprehensive solutions to your CRISPR gene editing projects. Our proven track record of success covers a wide range of modifications even in difficult to edit cell types, including iPSC:

   SNP conversions
   Large Knock-in (KI) modifications of >2kbp
   Multiplex Knock-out (KO) modifications
   Biallelic gene modifications

Additionally, our scientists possess significant expertise in iPSC reprogramming, maintenance, and differentiation if you are working with pluripotent stem cells.

“Successful genome editing requires significant expertise in many areas. Your company has a deep understanding of them. Our team are very impressed.”
— Gene Editing Client from Academia



We only need input on the sequence and location of your desired edit to initiate your CRISPR-SNIPER project. Plus, where other gene editing companies specialize in knock-out modifications, our scientists have substantial experience in the generation of SNP conversion, knock-in modifications, and engineering of reporter cell lines.

For researchers with a more limited budget, we offer a basic gene editing package which includes design of gRNA and delivery of gene edited bulk cultures ready for clone isolation. This option eliminates the laborious optimisation stages of gRNA design and transfection.

You can find out the benefits of our CRISPR-SNIPER service on our blog, or by downloading our CRISPR whitepaper.

Gene Editing Service Options


Our Essentials Package includes the following services:

   Design and preparation of gRNAs
   Design and preparation of donor vectors
   Pre-evaluation of gRNA
   Transfection in multiple conditions
   Evaluation of gene editing efficiency
   Delivery of bulk cells before cloning

Our Full Package includes all of the above, plus:

   Setting the required number of colonies
   Colony Pickup
   PCR screening
   Quality Check
   Final report

The modified cells are developed, manufactured or supplied by GenAhead Bio Inc. under license from ERS Genomics Limited.

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