Better than CRISPR:
Gene Editing Services

Discover CRISPR-SNIPER screening

Imagine CRISPR — but more efficient, reliable and flexible. The SNIPER screening platform works in synergy with CRISPR-Cas9 to fulfill the most challenging gene editing projects. With our CRISPR-SNIPER service, you can save time and money by eliminating unfeasible modifications at an early stage.

Modifications Made Easy

A DNA strand highlighting a SNP and large gene insertion

With CRISPR-SNIPER, you can achieve genome modifications that are challenging using CRISPR alone, meaning it is easier to:

  •   Knock-in large gene fragments
  •    Achieve accurate SNP Conversions 
  •   Create biallelic gene modifications

Where editing efficiency normally decreases when the size of your gene exceeds 2 kbp, CRISPR-SNIPER is able to knock-in gene fragments up to 7 kbp in size.

Track iPSC Development

The CRISPR-SNIPER system makes it possible to knock-in reporter genes at a higher success rate than with CRISPR-Cas9 alone.

This includes fluorescence genes which can be used to track changes in gene expression throughout iPSC development or antibacterial resistance genes which can be used to track selection.

Multiplex Gene Editing

SNIPER gives you the power to simultaneously edit multiple genes with low passage number, therefore protecting your cells from the effects of extended passaging and increasing the reliability of your data. This includes the ability to knock-in or knock-out up to five genes in a single experiment.

Accurate Genome Editing

SNIPER’s enhanced sensitivity allows the generation of homozygous and heterozygous disease models with enhanced accuracy. This expands the range of disease phenotypes you can explore with CRISPR, allowing you to reliably observe genotype to phenotype relationships.

Custom Disease Models

Our gene editing services can be used to edit a range of cell types, including iPSCs. This makes CRISPR CRISPR-SNIPER the ideal technology for the generation of custom disease models for drug screening. You can read more about our custom iPSC-derived disease models here.

Service You Can Trust

With SNIPER, our scientists can assess whether your desired modification is possible within two weeks — eliminating impossible experiments at an early stage.

With a 95% success rate, including even the most challenging modifications, our team can deliver results you can trust sooner than any other company — saving you time and money.