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StemRNA iPSCs: off-the-shelf lines

Human induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

StemRNA™ human iPSCs (a.k.a. hiPSCs) provide immediate access to the state-of-the-art Stemgent StemRNA 3rd Gen Reprogramming technology. These cells are ideal for validating the StemRNA 3rd Gen Technology with control cells prior to investing in reprogramming to develop patient-derived cell lines.

Our StemRNA human iPSCs are derived from more than ten healthy and neurodegenerative disease donors with a range of demographic and clinical backgrounds. This means they do not contain vectors, viruses, or DNA – unlike iPSCs created using other reprogramming methods.

StemRNA human iPSCs are research-ready and free for commercial applications*, including vaccine testing and drug screening.
(*Terms & conditions apply.)

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Benefits of StemRNA human iPSCs

  • Ready for use in experiments such as differentiation
    • Reprogrammed using the state of the art StemRNA 3rd Gen Reprogramming Technology
    • No specialized reprogramming knowledge required
    • No retention or integration of reprogramming vectors
    • Imunologically (ICC) and functionally (teratoma formation) pluripotent
    • Normal karyotype
  • Significant time savings
    • Saves 2-4 months or more compared to reprogramming your own iPSCs
  • Easy access to iPSCs for start-up labs
    • No specialized reprogramming knowledge required
    • Grows in standard stem cell media and support matrices

StemRNA human iPSCs (RCRP004N) vial

StemRNA™ Human iPSC 802-3G
(cat. no. RCRP004N)

“The StemRNA™ 3rd Gen reprogramming system is outstanding for efficiency and clinical relevance.”

— Dr. Marco Poleganov, Head of Stem Cells & Reprogramming,
BioNTech RNA Pharmaceuticals GmbH

The Science of StemRNA human iPSCs

StemRNA human iPSCs grown in vitro stain positive for standard pluripotency markers

StemRNA hiPSCs stain positive standard pluripotency markers

StemRNA human iPSCs differentiate in vivo into all three germ layers

StemRNA hiPSCs differentiate into all three germ layers

StemRNA human iPSCs exhibit expected karyotype

StemRNA hiPSCs exhibit expected phenotype

Human iPSCs made using StemRNA 3rd Gen technology

Cat. No. Strain ID Donor Race Donor Sex Donor Age Donor Clinical Status Reprogramming Technology Tissue Source
RCRP004N RPChiPS8023G1 Hispanic Female 30 Healthy StemRNA 3rd Gen Blood (EPCs)
RCRP005N RPChiPS7713G1 Caucasian Male 32 Healthy StemRNA 3rd Gen Blood (EPCs)
RCRP006N RPChiPSSK0011 Asian-Indian Male 56 Healthy StemRNA 3rd Gen Skin (Fibroblasts)
RCRP007N RPChiPSSK0042 Asian-Indian Male 65 Healthy StemRNA 3rd Gen Skin (Fibroblasts)
RCRP008N RPChiPSSK0021 Asian-Indian Female 58 Healthy StemRNA 3rd Gen Skin (Fibroblasts)
RCRP009N RPChiPSBL003 Asian-Indian Female 20 Healthy StemRNA 3rd Gen Blood (EPCs)
RCRP010N RPChiPSSK0053 Caucasian Male 56 Healthy StemRNA 3rd Gen Skin (Fibroblasts)
RCRP011N RPChiPSSK0032 Asian-Indian Female 20 Healthy StemRNA 3rd Gen Skin (Fibroblasts)
RCRP012N RPChiPSSK006 Filipino Male 30 Healthy StemRNA 3rd Gen Skin (Fibroblasts)

Research Stem Cell Services

If you can't find what you need in the table above, REPROCELL can create custom iPSCs specifically for your project. Service options include:

  • Custom collection of starting tissue / target cells to meet your donor criteria
  • Reprogramming using our StemRNA 3rd Gen Reprogramming technology
  • Expansion, banking, characterization
  • Differentiation if required

  Research Stem Cell Services

Looking for custom clinical iPSCs?

GMP iPSC Master Cell Bank Manufacturing Service

REPROCELL’s  scientists manufacture GMP iPSC Master Cell Banks that are compliant with the regulatory standards and guidelines of the FDA, EMA, and PMDA.

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