The Stemgent brand is well known in the global stem cell research community.  It's brand has become associated with stem cell performance-qualified reagents and innovation after becoming the first company to launch a mRNA reprogramming kit for making iPSCs.  Today, the organization is armed with broader capabilities and expertise, and has recently developed a third generation reprogramming technology (StemRNA 3rd Gen RNA Reprogramming) which is now available through iPSC reprogramming services. All of this, combined with complementary REPROCELL know-how from across the globe, uniquely positions the organization with a full-range of services including differentiation and iPSC expansion & characterization.

Stemgent’s customers include pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as top academic and government research institutions from all around the globe.  Reprogramming technology and iPSC usage can also be made available for a variety of commercial applications with licenses available through REPROCELL Inc. (please inquire).


The Stemgent brand of REPROCELL has it origins in 2008 when the company was founded with headquarters established in Cambridge, MA, and a satellite office in San Diego, CA.  The corporate business model was to commercialize research tools for induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) research, including reprogramming technologies and stem cell reagents. It was acquired by REPROCELL in 2014, and Stemgent resources have since relocated to the headquarters of REPROCELL USA, located in Beltsville, MD in August 2017. Stemgent’s reputation was built on cutting-edge mRNA-based iPSC reprogramming technology and a portfolio of stem cell–qualified reagents including small molecules (Stemolecule™) and protein factors (StemFactor™) to facilitate reprogramming and stem cell growth & maintenance.

Stemgent Historical Timeline

2016 Stemgent merges operations with BioServe (Beltsville, MD) to become part of REPROCELL USA
2014 Stemgent iPS cell business unit is acquired by REPROCELL company (Japan)
2010 Stemgent held the first commercially available iPS training course at the National Institute of Health facility
2010 Stemgent and Miltenyi Biotec announced partnership for co-development and worldwide sale of stem cell research products
2010 Stemgent launches custom iPS cell reprogramming services
2009 Stemgent is voted as one of the Top 25 up-and-coming biotechnology companies by a prominent global publishing organization
2008 Stemgent is founded, offering the first set of research tools focused on cellular reprogramming