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Genomics Services

We offer a full suite of accurate and cost-effective preclinical molecular services both as a complement to our Global Biorepository and as a stand-alone business.

REPROCELL Bioserve specializes in smaller to mid-size projects, providing intensive customer service from assay design to data delivery and discussion (with you) about your experiment results.

Here’s a snapshot of our current genomics services:

Genotyping DNA and RNA Extraction Gene Expression
  • Assay Design Services
  • Data Analysis
  • Sequenom iPlex / MassARRAY
  • Mass spec-based technology
  • Whole Blood, Blood Clots, Mouthwash, Buffy Coats, FFPE, Serum, Buccal Swabs, Tissues, Saliva, and more
  • Non-organic reagents
  • Column-based capabilities
  • Custom-developed protocols
  • Multiple Quality control practices
    • Gel check, OD 260/280, TaqMan, pico green quantitation
  • Tissues, Whole Blood, PAXgene tubes
  • Real-time PCR
    • Life Technologies Viia7
  • Mutation Analysis
    • Measure genomic DNA alterations
    • Insertions, deletions, copy number variations
  • TaqMan qPCR
    • Predesigned assays
    • Quantitative gene expression
    • Nucleic acid quantitation

Accelerating breakthroughs in genetics, drug discovery, biomarker research, and molecular diagnostics

DNA and RNA Extraction

We have over 25 years of experience with genomic DNA and RNA isolation from nearly all biomaterials.

Samples are quantitated by optical density. Quality of DNA is determined through electrophoresis. RNA quality control checks are performed through Agilent’s Bioanalyzer.

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Our in-house expertise in assay design, oligonucleotide synthesis and SNP validation enable us to deliver accurate data, quickly and cost-effectively.

We specialize in smaller to mid-size genotyping projects using MassARRAY (MALDI-TOF) or RT-PCR, providing extensive customer service from assay design to data delivery and discussing your experiment results.

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Molecular Diagnostic Testing

CLIA certified molecular diagnostic tests utilizing FDA-approved GenMark Dx platform.

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