ES/iPS cells


The first medium worldwide to convert stem cells into naive state without the need for genetic modification.

Primate ES Cell Medium

The standard medium for human ESC/iPSC, developed by ReproCELL and Kyoto University


Coating solution for feeder-depnedent culture of human ES and iPS cells


A new feeder-free medium that doesn’t need everyday culture maintenance


​hES/iPSC maintenance medium

Dissociation solution for human ES/iPS cells

Gentle detachment of the colonies without using scrapers

Freezing Medium for human ES and iPS Cells

Increase cell viability up to 10% of input cells (>10-fold higher than DMSO)


hES/iPSC cryopreservation medium


A stable human recombinant FGF-2

hES Cell Cloning & Recovery Supplement

Increase ES/iPS cell viability by more than 30 fold