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ReproFF2 – New feeder-free weekend-labor-free medium for human ES/iPS cells

ReproFF2 - Feeder-free culture medium

The innovative medium for feeder-free culture. With ReproFF2, medium change is not necessary everyday.

ReproCardio 2 – Human iPS cell-derived Cardiomyocytes
for high throughput assays


The frozen human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes. Can be used as single cells, thin layers or cell clumps in a full 96 well format.

ReproNeuro Ach-AD – Alzheimer’s Model Cholinergic Neurons from Human iPS cells


The world’s first Alzheimer’s model human neurons. Cholinergic neurons are differentiated from transgenic and patient-derived iPS cells.


ReproHepato – High purity human hepatocytes with robust CYP activity


ReproCELL has launched ReproHepato, the world’s first commecial hiPSC-derived hepatocytes. CYP assay service using ReproHepato is also available.


ReproNeuro DA – Human iPS cell-derived Dopaminergic Neuron Progenitors


The progenitors which readily differentiate into dopaminergic neurons. Suitable for studying CNS diseases including Parkinson’s.