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Stemgent Publications

RNA Reprogramming

Following is a list of publications in scientific journals which use Stemgent RNA reprogramming technologies. For publication which use other Stemgent pages, please see individual products.

StemRNA Clinical iPSC Seed Clones


Making iPSC-derived Therapeutics a Clinical Reality
Zara Puckrin, Sarah Eminli, Robert Annand, Nikola Kolundzic and Amer Rana.
European Biopharmaceutical Review. June (2022)

StemRNA 3rd Gen Reprogramming Kit

(Cat. No. 00-0076)

Clinically compatible advances in blood-derived endothelial progenitor cell isolation and reprogramming for translational applications
Sarah Eminli, Baraa Kwieder, Kevin Yi, Christopher J.Z.Huang, Jung-I lMoon, C-Hong Chang, Fedir N.Kiskin, Nicholas W.Morrell, Brad Hamilton, Amer A.Rana. 
New Biotechnology. 63:1-9 (2021)

Generation of an iPSC cohort of isogenic iPSC lines (46-XY and 47-XXY) from a non-mosaic Klinefelter Syndrome patient (47-XXY) (KAUSTi008-A, KAUSTi008-B, KAUSTi008-C, KAUSTi008-D, KAUSTi008-E, KAUSTi008-F, KAUSTi008-G).
Fiacco E, Alowaysi M; Astro V; Adamo A.
Stem Cell Res 50:102119 (2021)

Derivation of two naturally isogenic iPSC lines (KAUSTi006-A and KAUSTi006-B) from a mosaic Klinefelter Syndrome patient (47-XXY/46-XY)
Fiacco E; Alowaysi M; Astro V; Adamo A.
Stem Cell Rep 49:102049 (2020).

Establishment of an iPSC cohort from three unrelated 47-XXY Klinefelter Syndrome patients (KAUSTi007-A, KAUSTi007-B, KAUSTi009-A, KAUSTi009-B, KAUSTi010-A, KAUSTi010-B)
Alowaysi M; Fiaccdo E; Astro V; Adamo A.
Stem Cell Res 49:102042 (2020).

Establishment of iPSC lines from a high-grade Klinefelter Syndrome patient (49-XXXXY) and two genetically matched healthy relatives (KAUSTi003-A, KAUSTi004-A, KAUSTi004-B, KAUSTi005-A, KAUSTi005-B, KAUSTi005-C)
Alowaysi M; Fiacco E; Astro V; Adamo A.
Stem Cell Res 49:102008 (2020).

Nucleus size and DNA accessibility are linked to the regulation of paraspeckle formation in cellular differentiation.
Grosch M; Ittermann S; Rusha E; Greisle T; Ori C; Truong D-JJ; O'Niell AC; Pertek A; Westmeyer GG; Drukker M.
BMC Biology 18:42 (2020)

IGF1-mediated human embryonic stem cell self-renewal recapitulates the embryonic niche.
Wamaitha SE; Grybel KJ; Alanis-Lobato G; Gerri C; Ogushi S; McCarthy A; Kahdevaiah SK; Healy L; Lea RA; Molina-Arcas M; Devito LG; Elder K; Snell P; Christie L; Downward J; Turner JMA; Naikan KK.
Nature Commun 11:764 (2020)

Stem cell-derived retinal pigment epithelium from patients with age-related macular degeneration exhibit reduced metabolism and matrix interactions.
Gong J; Cai H; NYSCF Global Stem Array Team; Noggle S; Paull D; Rizzolo LJ; Del Priore LV; Fields MA.
Stem Cells Transl Med : (2019)

Reprogramming and differentiation-dependent transcriptional alteration of DNA damage response and apoptosis genes in human induced pluripotent stem cells.
Shimada M; Tsukada K; Kagawa N; Matsumoto Y.
J Radiation Res 2019:1-10 (2019)

Efficient RNA-mediated reprogramming of human somatic cells to naïve pluripotency facilitated by tankyrase inhibition.
Bredenkamp N; Yang J; Clarke J; Stirparo GG; von Meyenn F; Baker D; Drummond R; Li D; Wu C; Rostovskaya M; Smith A; Guo G.
bioR xiv (2019).

Microfluidic reprogramming to pluripotency of human somatic cells.
Gagliano O; Luni C; Qui W; Bertin E; Torchio E; Galvanin S; Urciuolo A; Elvassore N.
Nat. Protocols 14:772-737 (2019).

Therapeutic Potential of Patient iPSC-Derived iMelanocytes in Autologous Transplantation.
Liu L-P; Li Y-M; Guo N-N; LI S; Ma X; Zhang Y-X; Gao Y; Huang J-L; Zheng D-X; Wang L-Y; Xu H; Hui L; Zheng Y-W.
Cell Reports 27:455-466.e5 (2019).

Diversity of dermal fibroblasts as major determinant of variability in cell reprogramming.
Sacco AM; Belviso I; Romano V; Carfora A; Schonauer F; Nurzynska D; Montagnani S; Di Meglio F; Castaldo C.
J Cell Mol Med 2019:1-13 (2019).

Generation of two induced pluripotent stem cell lines from skin fibroblasts of sisters carrying a c.1094C>A variation in the SCN10A gene potentially associated with small fiber neuropathy.
Klein T; Klug K; Henkel L; Kwok CK; Edenhofer F; Klopocki E; Kurth I; Üceyler N.
Stem Cell Res 35:101396 (2019).

iPSC generation, prime to naïve reversion and characterization and primordial germ cell differentiation of Northern White Rhino.
Dasgupta B; Rusha E; Drukker M.
Univ Bremen : (2019).

A Renewable Source of Human Beige Adipocytes for Development of Therapies to Treat Metabolic Syndrome.
Su S; Guntur AR; Nguyen DC; Fakory SS; Doucette CC; Leech C; Lotana H; Kelley M; Kohil J; Martino J; Sims-Lucas S; Liaw L; Vary C; Rosen CJ; Brown AC.
Cell Reports 25:3215-3228.e9 (2018).

Generation of the human induced pluripotent stem cell line UKWNLi002-A from dermal fibroblasts of a woman with a heterozygous c.608 C>T (p.Thr203Met) mutation in exon 3 of the nerve growth factor gene potentially associated with hereditary sensory and autonomic neuropathy type 5.
Klein T; Henkel L; Klug K; Kwok CK; Klopocki E; Üceyler N.
Stem Cell Research (2018)

Comprehensive characterization of distinct states of human naive pluripotency generated by reprogramming.
Liu X; Nefzger CM; Rossello FH; Chen J; Knaupp AS; Firas J; Ford E; Pflueger J; Paynter JM; Chy HS; O'Brien CM; Huang C; Mishra K; Hodgson-Garms M; Jansz N; Williams SM; Blewitt ME; Nilsson SK; Schittenhelm RL; Laslett AL; Lister R; Polo JM.
Nature Methods 14:1055 (2017)

StemRNA-SR Reprogramming Kit

(Cat. No. 00-0075)

Generation and characterization of human iPSCs from human fibroblasts in respect to osteochondral regeneration.
Danisovic L; Csobonyeiova M; Nicodemou A; Novakova ZV; Miko M; Zamborsky R; Varga I.
FASEB J 33:Ib168 (2019)

A Rapid and Highly Efficient Method for the Isolation, Purification, and Passaging of Human-Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells.
Gao X; Sprando RL; Yourick JJ.
Cellular Reprogramming 20:282-288 (2018)

Generation of nine induced pluripotent stem cell lines as an ethnic diversity panel.
Goa X; Yourick JJ; Sprando RL.
Stem Cell Research (2018)

Comparative transcriptomic analysis of endothelial progenitor cells derived from umbilical cord blood and adult peripheral blood: Implications for the generation of induced pluripotent stem cells.
Goa X; Yourick JJ; Sprando RI.
Stem Cell Research 25:202-212 (2017)