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Webinar: The Development and Application of Advanced Cell Culture Techniques to Construct Models of Human Tissues


About the Speaker

Professor Stefan Przyborski holds an academic position as Professor in Cell Technology at Durham University. He has over 25 years experience in cell biology with specific interests in cell culture technology, tissue engineering and stem cell research. In recent years he has developed a multi-disciplinary approach through collaborative projects with physical scientists to develop novel ways of solving biological problems. He has formed alliances with pharmaceutical and biotech companies, has published over 125 scientific papers and has filed several patents. He is also the founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Reinnervate (now part of REPROCELL Europe), a biotechnology company founded in 2002 as a spinout from Durham University UK. Professor Przyborski is developing new and innovative ways to manage the growth and function of cultured cells. He is the inventor of Alvetex technology, the market leading scaffold product for three-dimensional cell culture. These enabling technologies have multiple applications and are particularly relevant to bioengineering models of human tissues to advance basic research, safety assessment and drug discovery.

Professor Stefan Przyborski PHOTO