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REPROCELL is On the Road at ISSCR 2022

This June, REPROCELL’s experts will be busy. We will be joining with stem cell scientists at ISSCR 2022 to allow scientists an opportunity to meet in person with REPROCELL’s experts at Booth 310 and discuss how we can help solve complex problems in Drug Discovery and Regenerative Medicine.

ISSCR 2022: The International Society for Stem Cell Research Annual Meeting

ISSCR 2022, the preeminent stem cell conference in the world, will be held in San Francisco, CA, USA, from 15-18 June 2022. This will be the 20th annual meeting of the ISSCR, and REPROCELL scientists will join with scientists from industry and academia from more than 65 countries to learn about and discuss advances in stem cell research. At the conference, REPROCELL will be discussing our latest offerings in our core areas of stem cell science.

REPROCELL's GMP iPSC Master Cell Bank Service

REPROCELL now offers a GMP iPSC Master Cell Bank (MCB) generation service to provide scientists with iPSCs suitable for differentiation into your somatic cell type for regenerative medicine (Fig 1). By accessing the REPROCELL Tissue Network, we identify suitable donors and acquire a skin sample for fibroblast isolation. The fibroblasts are then reprogrammed using our state-of-the-art 4th Generation RNA Reprogramming Technology. The clinically compatible iPSC seed stock clones are sent to the sponsor of evaluation and selection of the best clone for moving into MCB generation.


ISSCR_Fig1Figure 1. The pathway to GMP iPSCs at REPROCELL.

The entire process follows the regulations set forth by the US FDA, as well as the EMA and the PMDA (Japan) for clinical stem cell development. This process, from donor identification and selection to MCB generation, is accompanied by a rigorous QC program to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

For more information, please see our short video (Fig 2.) or visit our website.

Figure 2. REPROCELL's Clinical iPSC Service (video)

Sensory Neurons

REPROCELL has developed a suite of methods to convert iPSCs to neurons (Fig. 3), providing access to a variety of neural cell types.

reproneuro-chart-02Figure 3. REPROCELL's Neural Cell Technology

To highlight REPROCELL’s capabilities in neuronal differentiation, Dr. Robert Annand of REPROCELL will be presenting a poster at ISSCR2022 entitled “Characteristics of Human iPSC-Derived Sensory Neurons and their Potential as an Alternative Model for Dorsal Root Ganglia.” This poster describes the generation of sensory neurons from iPSCs and their characterization using immunofluorescence and MEA (Microelectrode Arrays). The poster will be displayed Friday, 17 June on Poster Board 386. Dr. Annand will be available to answer questions from 4:00-5:00 PM on Friday. Please stop by.

To find out about our Neuron Capabilities or any of our iPSC services, please visit our Booth 310 or visit our website.

Other Products and Services

REPROCELL Provides a number of products and services to help stem cell sciences achieve their spectacular results.


Figure 4. Growth of iPSCs in the Able Biott Bioreactor System. Left Panel: Micrograph of iPSC aggregates showing uniform aggregate size. Right Panel: the 30 mL Bioreactor

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