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ABLE 100 mL Disposable Bioreactor


Brand: ABLE Biott

A sterile single-use disposable (100 mL) bioreactor for use with the ABLE 3D Magnetic Stir System.


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ABLE 100 mL Disposable Bioreactor ABBWVS10B Box of 4 $ 785.00 £ 549.00 € 642.00

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Product Information

Cost-effective, lab-scale iPS cell spheroid culture

Growth of iPS cells in spheroid suspension culture (3D) closely resemble embryoid body structures naturally formed by embryonic stem cells. This 3D growth format offers improved yield, viability and high efficiency for the expansion of human iPS stem cells and differentiation in a cost-effective format. The ABLE 3D Magnetic Stir and Disposable Bioreactor System enables stem cell researchers to utilize a 100 mL bioreactor vessel for cell culturing or production of up to 2 × 108 cells per vessel (or more), equivalent to about forty 10 cm plates.

The ABLE 100 mL disposable bioreactor works with the ABLE Biott ABLE Bioreactor Magnetic Stir System (30 mL) (Cat. No. ABBWSS03N0S-6) to provide affordable bioreactor capabilities to laboratory scale projects.

The ABLE 100 mL disposable bioreactor


The 100 mL disposable bioreactor features a delta-wing-shaped impeller with a magnet on each blade located within the bioreactor, which provides low-shear agitation. This unique impeller design encourages the formation and growth of uniform spheroid cell clusters. The bioreactor allows for the flexibility of using seed stock from single-cell suspensions of iPS stem cells, passaged colony fragments, or mini-spheroids generated from low-adherence cell culture dishes or multi-well plates.

Bioreactor system features

  • Bioreactor flask capacity is 100 mL, enabling 5- to 10- fold (or more) cell expansion (up to 200 million cells per flask
  • Typical growth is 200-300 µm spheroids
  • Bioreactor is made of high-density polycarbonate for compatibility with iPS cell cultivation
  • Vessel interior is surface treated for biocompatibility
  • Polypropylene screw cap contains 0.2 µm nylon membrane to allow for passive gas exchange

ABLE company name and logo and Biott brand are the property of ABLE Corp., Japan.

Product Name: ABLE 100 mL Disposable Bioreactor

Catalog Number: ABBWVS10B (Able Cat. No. BWV-S10B)

Size: 4-pack

Notice To Purchaser: REPROCELL is a licensed distributor of ABLE Biott cell culture bioreactor products in the USA and other markets, excluding Japan.

Manufacturer: ABLE Corporation (Japan)

Flask Properties

  • Individually wrapped
  • gamma-Irradiated for sterility
  • Surface coated for biocompatibility