Bioreactor Magnetic Stir System Base 30 mL and 100mL


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Able Bioreactor System Base

Provides consistent, heat-free stirring of 30 mL and 100mL disposable bioreactors.

ABLE Bioreactor Magnetic Stir System Base 30 mL and 100 mL

This unit consists of:

  • Six position stir base for 30 mL and 100 mL flasks

This Stir System Base works with the Able Bioreactor System Controller and Motor (Cat. No. ABBWDW-1013) to provide consistent, heat-free stirring of 30 mL and 100 mL disposable bioreactors.


ABLE Biott Bioreactor System provides cost-effective, lab-scale iPS cell spheroid culture

Growth of iPS cells in spheroid suspension culture (3D) closely resemble embryoid body structures naturally formed by embryonic stem cells. This 3D growth format offers improved yield, viability and high efficiency for the expansion of human iPS stem cells and differentiation in a cost-effective format. The ABLE 3D Magnetic Stir and Disposable Bioreactor System enables stem cell researchers to utilize a disposable bioreactor vessels for cell culturing or production of up to 5 × 107 cells per 30 mL vessel, equivalent to approximately ten 10 cm plates.

The ABLE Bioreactor System

The ABLE 3D System has only two components; a six-channel magnetic stirrer platform (left), an electrical controller unit (right). The system is placed inside a CO2 cell culture incubator allowing the temperature, humidity and gas controls to be passively managed. The controller unit attaches magnetically to the outside of the incubator and the two system components are connected via a cable (not shown).

Able Bioreactor System Controller and Motor
Able Bioreactor System Controller and Motor (Cat. No. ABBWDW-1013)

Able Bioreactor System Base
Able Bioreactor Magnetic Stir System Base (30 mL, 100 mL; Cat. No. ABBWBP03N0S-6)

Bioreactor system features

  • Stir-plate protected by a chemically resistant acrylic coating
  • Each stir-plate platform can accommodate up to six culture vessels of appropriate size
  • Low profile design and low-heat generation for use directly in cell culture CO2 incubators
  • Precisely controlled adjustable rotation speed for optimal performance
  • Optimally designed for iPS cell culture in 3D spheroid format


Product Name: ABLE 6ch. Base plate for 30, 100 mL

Catalog Number: ABBWBP03N0S-6 (Able Cat No. BWS-S03N0S-6A))

For Vessel Size: 30 mL and 100 mL vessel

Dimensions: W148 × D267 × H33 mm without motor

Drive System

  • Belt Drive (Motor to stir plate)
  • Magnet drive (Stir plate to flask)

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Manufacturer: ABLE Biott Corporation (Japan)

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