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Human Bone Marrow MSCs


Brand: Cellcolabs

Primary Human Bone Marrow MSCs, Research Grade


Product name Product code Pack size Price Price (USD) Price (GBP) Price (EUR)
Primary Human Bone Marrow MSCs, Research Grade CC-BM-hMSC-1 1 × 10⁶ cells (select above) $ 710.00 £ 567.00 € 650.00
Primary Human Bone Marrow MSCs, Research Grade CC-BM-hMSC-10 10 × 10⁶ cells (select above) $ 7100.00 £ 5670.00 € 6500.00

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Product Information

Primary Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells isolated from Bone Marrow 

These cells (also called Mesenchymal Stromal Cells or MSCs) are isolated by Cellcolabs in Sweden.  Cellcolabs is backed by more than 20 years of research from the Karolinska Institute to produce high-quality human MSCs at large scale.  These cells are ideal for research and disease modeling in multiple research areas from cardiovascular disease to arthritis to GVHD in organ transplants.

The cells can be thawed in MSC NutriStem XF Culture medium (Cat. No. 01-0006) or other standard MSC Media.

Custom pack sizes are available, please ask:

This Product is intended for Research Use Only. We can also supply GMP MSCs for clinical use:  Contact us at

Cat. No. CC-BM-hMSC-1, CC-BM-hMSC-10
Donor Race Varies
Donor Sex Varies
Donor Age 18-28 years old
MSC Source Purified from human bone marrow
Marker Expression CD73+, CD90+, CD105+, CD14−, CD31−, CD34−, CD45−
Microbiology Negative for bacteria, virus, mycoplasma



MSC Characterization.

Cellcolabs company name and logo is the property of Cellcolabs AB., Sweden.

Product Specifications

Product Name and Catalog Number

Human bone marrow-derived MSCs 

REPROCELL Cat. No. CC-BM-hMSC-1: 1 million cells per vial

REPROCELL Cat. No. CC-BM-hMSC-10: 10 million cells per vial

Product Description

Primary Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells isolated from donor tissue

Passage Number

Passage 2

Donor Information

  • Race: varies
  • Sex: varies
  • Age: 18-28 years old
  • Medical status:  Healthy

Precryopreservation Culture Conditions

  • Culture Medium: DMEM + hPL


  • CC-BM-hMSC-1: 1 vial, 1 × 106 cells per vial
  • CC-BM-hMSC-1: 1 vial, 10 × 106 cells per vial


Store in the liquid nitrogen vapor phase.

Quality Control

  • MSC markers by FCS: Pass
  • Morphology: Pass
  • Bacteria: Negative
  • Mycoplasma: Negative
  • Virus: Negative
  • Viability after thawing: Pass
  • Endotoxin:  Pass



Notice To Purchaser

This product is intended for Research Use Only.  Commercial Use may require additional agreements. Please contact for more information.  Not intended for Therapeutic or Diagnostic uses.

REPROCELL is an authorized distributor of human MSCs for Cellcolabs, Solna, Sweden.