Stemfactor™ Activin A, Human Recombinant


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stemfactor-activin-a-human-recombinant-p202-161_mediumStemfactor Activin A is a crystallography-grade preparation providing the highest purity available. Activin A is bi-modal in action having been shown to maintain pluripotency of stem cells and promote differentiation1,2,3,4. Mature recombinant human Activin A is a ~25 kDa disulfide-linked homodimer of two 116 amino acid residue βA subunits.

Stemgent conveniently provides all the components comprising the 5i/L/A media supplement necessary to support naïve pluripotent stem cell applications.

5i (inhibitors):

L: Stemfactor LIF, Human Recombinant (03-0016), and

A: Stemfactor Activin A, Human Recombinant (03-0001)


Product Name: Stemfactor Activin A, Human Recombinant

Catalog Number: 03-0001

Size: 5 µg

Purity: Greater than 98% by SDS-PAGE analysis

Formulation: Lyophilized from 20% acetonitrile

Reconstitution: Centrifuge briefly and reconstitute Activin A in 10 mM HCl before dilution in cell culture medium. Avoid freeze-thaw cycles as it can result in loss of activity.

Storage and Stability: Activin A is shipped at room temperature. Lyophilized Activin A is stable for up to 6 months from date of receipt when stored at −20 °C to −80 °C. Reconstituted Activin A, at concentrations greater than 0.1 mg/mL, is stable for up to 3 months when stored at −20 °C and for 1 year when stored at −80 °C.


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