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AteloGene In Vivo siRNA/miRNA Quick Gelation Transfection Kit (Local Use)


Brand: AteloGene

The Atelogene Quick Gelation kit is an improved version of KKN-1394, offering faster protocols and higher efficiencies for the in vivo transfection of small RNAs into cells near the injection site in lab animals.


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AteloGene In Vivo siRNA/miRNA Quick Gelation Transfection Kit (Local Use) KKN-1494 1 kit $ 1,178.00 £ 1,163.00 € 1,358.00

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Product Information

In vivo transfection kit for siRNA and microRNA

Atelocollagen, the main component of AteloGene, forms RNA-atelocollagen complexes upon mixing with synthetic siRNA or miRNA. The RNA-atelocollagen complexes are optimal for in vivo transfection, and siRNA or miRNA is effectively delivered to, and introduced into the cells.

AteloGene Local Use Quick Gelation is limited to localized administration due to its gelation feature. Gelated siRNA/atelocollagen complexes remain at the injection site, allowing siRNA and miRNA to be delivered into the cells effectively. This "quick gelation" version of AteloGene is an improved version of the prior Atelogene kit (KKN-1394). The quick gelation kit offers a faster protocol and improved results.

Simple Handling

AteloGene procedures are simple and easy — mix equal volumes of AteloGene and RNA solution, and administer the siRNA/miRNA AteloGene mixture to the mouse.

Kit contents:

  1. AteloGene Local Use “Quick Gelation” prefilled syringe | 540µL × 3 syringes
  2. (Including losses during the preparation steps)
  3. QG buffer | 2.5mL × 1 bottle
  4. 2mL microtube | 4 tubes (A spare tube is included)
  5. 18G needle | 8 needles (2 spare needles are included
  6. Instruction manual | 1 leaflet

Devices and reagents required other than those in the kit:

  • 1 mL disposable syringe
  • 27 G needle
  • siRNA/miRNA (PAGE- or HPLC-purified grade is recommended.)
  • Container and water for preparation of siRNA/miRNA solution (sterilized, RNase-free)
  • Cooling device (crushed ice, cold block, etc.)
  • Tube rotator (that can tumble and agitate such as TAITEC RT-5, Bibby scientific SB3, etc.)
  • Pipetter and tips (sterilized, RNase-free)
  • High-speed refrigerated centrifuge
  • Anesthetic

*1 Kit is sufficient for 15 injections (200 µL).

KOKEN company name and logo and Atelogene brand are the property of KOKEN Corp. Ltd., Japan.

Product Name: AteloGene Local Use Quick Gelation

Catalog Number: KKN-1494

Size: 1 kit

Storage and Stability: Store at 4 °C

Sterility: Sterile

Notice To Purchaser: REPROCELL is a licensed global distributor of KOKEN’s collagen-derived products everywhere, except for Japan.

Handling: 1 kit allows 15 administrations

Manufacturer: Koken Co., Ltd. (Japan)