SynFire Induced Neuron Co-Culture Kit

NC1010-1.5 / NC1010-7.5

Brand: SynFire® by NeuCyte Labs®

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NC1010-7.5 1 MEA kit USD $ 2,795.00 GBP £ 2,324.40 EUR € 2,682.00

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Human SynFire® neurons and Astroglia for co-culture studies

Co-Culture kits contain GABAergic and Glutamatergic Neurons, Astroglia, and all of the media necessary to establish a co-culture model for functional neuron studies. Kits containing only GABAergic neurons, astroglia and media (Cat. No. NC1002-10), or only glutamatergic neurons, astroglia, and media (Cat. No. NC1001-10) are also available.

Co-Culture Kits are available in two configurations suitable for general culture (Cat. No. NC1010-1.5) or MEA assays (Cat. No. NC1010-7.5). Please see the specification for kit contents.

Advantages of SynFire iNs include:

  • Real Human Biology
    These cells more closely resemble real human biology than alternatives such as common animal models or other iPSC-based systems. SynFire iNs provide better suitability to predict responses to test agents.
  • Rapid and Homogeneous Maturation
    SynFire iNs develop mature synaptic network activity within 3-4 weeks. These iNs show synchronous bursting phenotypes similar to rodent primary cultures.
  • Reliable, Robust, and Ready-to-Use Cultures
    This differentiation approach results in a highly defined in vitro system with lot-to-lot consistency that provides reproducible results.
  • Flexible Modular System
    The user can control subtype seeding densities and ratios to customize cultures to specific projects. Custom kit configurations are available.


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