SynFire GABAergic Induced Neuron Kit

NC1002-10 / NC1002-20 / NC1002-50 / NC1002-60

Brand: SynFire® by NeuCyte Labs®

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NC1002-10 1 kit (small) USD $ 1,595.00 GBP £ 1,322.10 EUR € 1,525.50
NC1002-20 1 vial (1.5 million cells) USD $ 595.00 GBP £ 542.10 EUR € 625.50
NC1002-50 1 kit (large) USD $ 2,350.00 GBP £ 1,989.00 EUR € 2,295.00
NC1002-60 1 vial (3.5 million cells) USD $ 1,150.00 GBP £ 1,010.10 EUR € 1,165.50

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Human SynFire® GABAergic Induced Neurons and Astroglia for co-culture studies

Co-Culture kits contain GABAergic, Astroglia, and all of the media necessary to establish a co-culture model for functional neuron studies. Kits containing glutamatergic and GABAergic neurons, astroglia and media Cat. No. NC1010-1.5), or only glutamatergic neurons, astroglia, and media (Cat. No. NC1001-10) are also available.

GABAergic Induced Neuron Kits are available in two sizes, small (Cat. No. NC1002-10) and large (Cat. No. NC1002-50). In addition, the GABAergic Induced Neurons are available separately in small (Cat. No. NC1002-20) and large (Cat. No. MC1002-60) sizes.  Please see the specifications for kit contents.

SynFire iN (Induced Neurons) cells are suitable for a variety of biochemical assays. For example, the effect of compounds on neuronal survival, axonal outgrowth, or dendritic arborization can be measured by standard assessment of viability, or image-based analysis of labeled cells, respectively. When co-cultured with glial cells, effects on synapse formation and composition, transcriptional programs, and electrophysiology can be tested. Neuronal subtypes can be mixed in different ratios for making a defined co-culture for different experimental purposes.


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