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    StemFit™ Basic03 GMP Cell Culture Medium


    Brand: StemFit

    GMP grade feeder-free growth medium for iPS cell culture with world-class performance for basic research into regenerative medicine.

    Note: Basic FGF (bFGF) needs to be purchased separately.


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    StemFit™ Basic03 GMP ASB03-GMP 500 mL $ 1,135.00 £ 930.00 € 1087.00

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    The Benefits of StemFit Media

    • Significant cost reduction thanks to weekend-free feeding
    • Superior colony-forming efficiency from a single cell clone
    • Better growth performance on any matrix
    • Stable and reproducible single-cell and feeder-free culture system
    • Suitable for supplementation with Human bFGF Recombinant
    • Chemically defined and animal origin free (CD-AOF)
    • Manufactured under GMP guidelines at a ISO13485 facility

    Note: StemFit Basic 03 GMP is intended for research and further manufacturing use only. Not suitable for direct administration to humans.

    What makes StemFit the smarter choice?

    Superior cloning efficiency

    StemFit ASB03-GMP figure 1

    Human iPSCs cultured using StemFit medium demonstrate superior colony-forming efficiency. Here, cells were cultured in StemFit or commercially available medium A/B on Matrigel®. To calculate cloning efficiency, the number of seeded cells was counted at 3 hours and number of colonies at day 7.

    Better growth on any matrix

    StemFit ASB03-GMP figure 2

    Cells cultured using StemFit media expand over 100× greater than cells cultured using conventional media. The graph on the left shows Human 201B7 iPSCs grown in feeder-free conditions with StemFit culture media compared with commercially available medium A on respective ECMs.

    Significant cost reductions

    StemFit ASB03-GMP figure 3

    StemFit media enables flexible weekend-free feeding which drastically reduces the culture cost. It is estimated that for a six well plate, 30-60% less culture media is used over a week long period.

    Ajinomoto company name and logo, and the StemFit brand name is the property of Ajinomoto Inc., Japan.