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Stemolecule™ XAV939


Brand: Stemolecule

XAV939 is an inhibitor of the Wnt / ?-catenin pathway which modulates a number of stem cell behaviors.

CAS Number: 284028-89-3
Alternate Name(s):
  • 2-(4-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl)-7,8-dihydro-5H-thiopyrano[4,3-d]pyrimidin-4-ol


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Product Information

Stemolecule XAV939 is a cell-permeable small molecule inhibitor of the Wnt / β-catenin pathway. XAV939 inhibits tankyrase 1 and tankyrase 2, thus stabilizing axin and stimulating β-catenin degradation1. Current research suggests that Wnt proteins act to maintain stem cells in an undifferentiated, self-renewing state2. Wnt proteins act on a variety of stem cells that include neural, mammary and embryonic stem cells. In addition, XAV939 inhibits growth of DLD-1 cells, an APC-deficient colorectal cancer cell line1.


Stemgent and the Stemolecule brand name are trademarks of REPROCELL Inc., Japan.

Product Name: Stemolecule XAV939

Catalog Number: 04-0046

Size: 2 mg

Alternate Name(s): 2-(4-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl)-7,8-dihydro-5H-thiopyrano[4,3-d]pyrimidin-4-ol

Chemical Formula: C14H11F3N2OS

Molecular Weight: 312.31

CAS Number: 284028-89-3

Purity: Greater than 95 % by HPLC analysis

Formulation: White powder

Solubility: XAV939 is reported to be soluble in DMSO at 100 mM.

Reconstitution: For a 10 mM concentrated stock solution of XAV939, reconstitute the compound by adding 640.4 µL of DMSO to the entire contents of the vial. If precipitate is observed, warm the solution to 37 °C for 2 to 5 minutes. For use in cell culture, warm the media prior to adding reconstituted compound. Note: for most cells, the maximum tolerance to DMSO is less than 0.5%. 

Storage and Stability: Store powder at −20 °C protected from light. Information about the stability of Stemolecules in solution is largely not available. As a general guideline, we recommend that stock solution be freshly made and stored in aliquots at −20 °C, protected from light. The effect of storage of stock solutions should be verified for each application.

Quality Control: The purity of XAV939 is determined by HPLC analysis. The molecular weight is determined by mass spectrometry. No acute cytotoxicity is observed in mouse embryonic stem cells following a 6 hour exposure to 1 nM — 100 uM of XAV939.

Specification Sheets:

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