Atelocollagen Membrane for 50 mm Culture Dish


Brand: AteloCell® by KOKEN®

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Collagen membrane is specially developed from highly purified bovine dermal type I Atelocollagen for single and double layer tissue culture studies. It is particularly suitable for studying the molecular interactions between two different cell types by culturing on both sides of the membrane. It is potentially useful for the study of artificial organs and in the emerging field of tissue engineering. The membrane is permeable and allows free passage of amino acids and small molecules, which is important for the absorption and exchange of molecules through the membrane using cell polarity.

The product holds a membrane that is 33 mm in diameter. KKN-MEN-01 comes with 5 pieces and should be stored at −20°C.


Product Name: Atelocollagen permeable membrane for 50 mm culture dish

Catalog Number: KKN-MEN-01

Size: 5 pieces

Membrane Dimensions: 33 mm diameter

Storage and Stability: Store at −20 °C

Sterility: Sterile

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Manufacturer: Koken Co., Ltd. (Japan)