Atelocollagen, DMEM High Glucose


Brand: AteloCell® by KOKEN®

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A neutral (pH 7.4) atelocollagen solution (0.2%) in DMEM medium with high glucose. The atelocollagen was solubilized by a pepsin treatment. The product is sterile and suitable for use in cell culture applications.


Product Name: Atelocollagen, DMEM High Glucose (20mL)

Catalog Number: KKN-DME-02H

Size: 20 mL

Storage and Stability: Store at 4 °C after thawing (−20 °C if unopened)

Sterility: Sterile

Notice To Purchaser: REPROCELL is a licensed global distributor of KOKEN’s collagen-derived products everywhere, except for Japan.

Concentration: 0.2% atelocollagen

Manufacturer: Koken Co., Ltd. (Japan)