3D Ready Atelocollagen, DMEM, Low Glucose

KKN-3D-LG01 / KKN-3D-LG05

Brand: AteloCell® by KOKEN®

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This product supports stable three-dimensional culture (3D culture) without the need for neutralization or mixing with cell culture medium which is usually required to form atelocollagen gels. High-purity atelocollagen derived from bovine hide is premixed with DMEM, so it can be used immediately. Simply mix with the cells and warm it up. This product is especially recommended for those beginning the 3D culture without worrying about fibril formation during mixing the solutions or cell sedimentation during gel formation. 4 mg/mL.


Product Name: 3D Ready Atelocollagen, DMEM Low Glucose (12 mL)

Catalog Numbers:

  • KKN-3D-LG01
  • KKN-3D-LG05


  • 12 mL (KKN-3D-LG01)
  • 5 x 12 mL (KKN-3D-LG05)

Formulation; 4 mg/mL Atelocollagen in DMEM, low glucose

Storage and Stability: Store at –20 °C

Sterility: Sterile

Notice To Purchaser: REPROCELL is a licensed global distributor of KOKEN’s collagen-derived products everywhere, except for Japan.

Manufacturer: Koken Co., Ltd. (Japan)