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Very low passage mouse embryonic fibroblast feeder cells. Hugely popular cell type for feeder-dependent culture of iPSC from a wide range of species.

MEF (Mouse Embryonic Fibroblasts) feeder cells are applicable for a wide range of ES/iPS cell culture. ReproCELL offers exceptionally consistent quality thanks to rigorous validation testing. See protocol (below) for more information.


  • Mouse Embryonic Fibroblast feeder cells derived from mouse embryo.
  • A feeder cell line applicable for culture of mouse, primate, human ES/iPS cells.
  • Validated high quality with every lot.
  • Mitomycin C-treated cells ready for use.



Product Name: Feeder Cells (MEF)

Catalog Number: RCHEFC003

Size: (3 × 10⁶ cells) × 5 vials

Storage and Stability: Liquid nitrogen. This product is very thermosensitive. Upon delivery please move the cell vials into liquid nitrogen to ensure optimal cell attachment levels.