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SNPlates™ — Ready-made Case-Control Studies

Screening DNA from disease cases and disease-free controls, also known as the case-control study, is the most common method to identify genetic markers of disease. Yet, these studies are expensive and often require many years to complete, not to mention the requirement of a range of specialized personnel including physicians, epidemiologists, biostatisticians, interviewers, phlebotomists, and IRB coordinators.

REPROCELL Bioserve’s SNPlates are our solution to cost-effective case-control studies. These are pre-aliquotted DNA plates containing 180 cases and 180 controls of data-rich patient samples within breast, colon, prostate, and lung cancer, as well as metabolic disorders such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity. Each case is matched by age, race, and gender-matched healthy control. Lyophilized DNA samples (25 ng) are provided in 96-well plates. All samples have passed rigorous quality control testing including genotyping for a panel of 10 single nucleotide polymorphisms.

Each DNA sample is associated with over 200 covariate data fields including:

    ✓   Demographic
    ✓   Clinical
    ✓   Occupation
    ✓   Dietary habits
    ✓   Family cancer history
    ✓   Standard point-in-time blood

In short, SNPlates make high-throughput SNP genotyping, copy number variation analysis, and other techniques used to develop genomic signatures for illness quick, easy, and affordable. SNPlates are best suited as pilot studies to validate hypotheses before embarking on a larger and expensive case control studies.

For each SNPlate category, additional cases and controls are available.

REPROCELL also offers affordable customized genotyping using SNPlates.

  • Breast cancer: n = 1,338
  • Colon cancer: n = 961
  • Prostate cancer: n = 870
  • Diabetes: n = 12,246
  • Cardiovascular disease: n = 27,398
  • Healthy controls: n = 12,273

List Price: $3,000