Technology Platforms for 3D Cell Culture: A User's Guide

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Technology Platforms for 3D Cell Culture:  A User's Guide

Editor:  Professor Stefan Przyborski

ISBN #: 978-1-118-85153-1 | March, 2017 | 424 pages, hard cover | Published by WILEY Blackwell


Technology Platforms for 3D Cell Culture: A Users Guide points to the options available to perform 3D culture, shows where such technology is available, explains how it works, and reveals how it can be used by scientists working in their own labs.

  • Offers a comprehensive, focused guide to the current state-of-the-art technologies available for 3D cell culture
  • Features contributions from leading developers and researchers active in 3D cell technology
  • Gives clear instruction and guidance on performing specific 3D culture methods, along with colour illustrations and examples of where such technologies have been successfully applied
  • Includes information on resources and technical support to help initiate the use of 3D culture methods

About the Author

Stefan Przyborski is Professor of Cell Technology in the Department of Biosciences, Durham University, UK. He is also the Chief Scientific Officer for ReproCELL Europe, UK. A recognised leader in the field of 3D cell culture, Professor Przyborski has published extensively in this field and presents his work regularly at international events.

____________________________TABLE OF CONTENTS__________________________________

List of contributors


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1 An introduction to the third dimension for routine cell culture
   Antonio Romo-Morales and Stefan Przyborski

Part I: Aggregate-based Technologies

2 Gravity-enforced microtissue engineering
   Randy Strube, Johannes Haugstetter, Markus Furter, Andreia Fernandez, David Fluri and Jens M. Kelm

3 Physiologically relevant spheroid models for three-dimensional cell culture
   Nicole A. Slawny and MaryAnn Labant

4 NanoCulture Plate: A scaffold-based high-throughput three-dimensional cell culture system suitable for live imaging and co-culture
   Manabu Itoh, Kazuya Arai, Hiromi Miura and M. Mamunur Rahman

5 Micro-moulded non-adhesive hydrogels to form multicellular microtissues – the 3D Petri Dish
   Elizabeth Leary, Sean Curran, Michael Susienka, Kali L. Manning, Andrew M. Blakely and Jeffrey R. Morgan

6 Organotypic microtissues on an air-liquid interface
   Lars E. Sundstrom, Igor Charvet and Luc Stoppini

Part II: Hydrogels

7 Materials and assay systems used for three-dimensional cell culture
   Suparna Sanyal and Marshall Kosovsky

8 HyStem, a customisable hyaluronan-based hydrogel matrix for 3D cell culture
   T. I. Zarembinski, B. J. Engel, N. J. Doty, P. E. Constantinou, M. V. Onorato, I. E. Erickson, E. L. S. Fong, M. Martinez, R. L. Milton, B. P. Danysh, N. A. Delk, D. A. Harrington, M. C. Farach]Carson and D. D. Carson

9 3-D Life biomimetic hydrogels: A modular system for cell environment design
   Brigitte M. Angres and Helmut Wurst

Part III: Scaffolds

10 Alvetex, a highly porous polystyrene scaffold for routine three-dimensional cell culture
     Antonio Romo-Morales, Eleanor Knight and Stefan Przyborski

11 CelluSponge™ and Go Matrix as innovative three-dimensional cell culture platforms
     Bramasta Nugraha

12 Mimetix electrospun scaffold: An easy-to-use tool for 3D cell culture in drug discovery and regenerative medicine
     Robert J. McKean and Elena Heister

Part IV: 3D Bioreactor Technologies

13 Quasi Vivo bioreactor technology
     J. Malcolm Wilkinson

14 Three-dimensional cell-based assays in hollow fibre bioreactors
     John J. S. Cadwell and William G. Whitford

15 Three-dimensional engineered tissues for high-throughput compound screening: Mechanical properties of skin and ageing
     Michael Conway, Ayla Annac and Tetsuro Wakatsuki

16 Three-dimensional cell culture in the Rotary Cell Culture System™
     Stephen S. Navran