Target Cell Isolation Services

For induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) preparation, it is preferable to use recently-derived primary cell lines prepared from a fresh patient tissue samples. REPROCELL Discovery Services mainly uses the StemRNA 3rd Gen Reprogramming System to convert the primary cell lines into iPSC. The StemRNA 3rd Gen technology has been optimized for reprogramming of 3 distinct human cell types:

  1. Blood-derived endothelial progenitor cells — EPC
  2. Urine-derived progenitor cells — UPC, and
  3. Fibroblasts.

Besides human cells, our service team has successfully made iPSC from other species as well (please inquire).

For primary cell line establishment, one needs to have access to fresh patient tissue samples. If a particular donor type (ethnicity, sex, disease state, age, genetic background, other) is needed, sourcing the tissue independently can be very challenging. Through REPROCELL’s Biospecimen Network, we can help you access the target patient, collect the viable biospecimens, and prepare the primary cell line you need for iPSC establishment. In general, we will collect fresh blood and urine samples to prepare primary cultures of EPC and UPC.

Our optimized and proprietary protocols for shipping and establishing primary cell lines are highly efficient and used for custom iPSC services. However, it is possible to disclose these protocols under strict confidentiality. The reprogramming of already established cell lines provided by you may also be possible. And since our services are milestone-based, your cost will usually be less than a full-service project that includes primary cell line establishment.

Regardless of the original biospecimen source for primary cell line establishment (blood or urine), the general quality of the derived iPSC are very similar. StemRNA 3rd Gen reprogrammed iPSC are highly stable, pluripotent and display robust growth kinetics. There is also evidence to support the fact that RNA-reprogrammed cells harbor less mutations than other commonly-employed technologies such as Sendai or Episomal–based reprogramming. Furthermore, as part of the stem cell service package, we will supply you with frozen vials of the original primary cell line(s) to keep as a resource and future reference material.

EPCs and UPCs