Stem Cell Services

Custom reprogramming, expansion and differentiation performed by experts


REPROCELL’s stem cell services team is a specialized research group with training in stem cell biology received in leading stem cell labs from around the world. Leave the iPS cell reprogramming to the experts; leave it to us. We’ll provide you with exactly the cells needed for your investigations, freeing up your time and resources to focus on the research.

REPROCELL laboratories

Above: REPROCELL has reprogramming technical experts and stem cell laboratories on three continents. A: Centre for Predictive Drug Discovery in REPROCELL Europe (Glasgow, Scotland), B: REPROCELL USA (Beltsville, MD) and C: REPROCELL HQ (Yokohama, Japan).


REPROCELL’s iPSC Contract Services

  • Global custom service and research labs in America, Europe and Asia
  • Free project consultation and quotation
  • Fresh, normal or diseased tissue available through our custom collection network
  • Establishment of patient-derived primary somatic cell lines as part of the standard service
  • Reprogramming of multiple human and non-human cell types
  • Cryopreserved patient-derived primary cells and iPSCs are expanded and provided
  • Management of projects based on milestone achievements for flexible project customization and fair value
  • Perpetual technical support regarding your cell line and its performance


Latest Generation RNA Technology

REPROCELL is the exclusive provider of the Stemgent® StemRNA™ 3rd Gen reprogramming technology — the most rapid, robust, and clinically-relevant integration-free method on the market. REPROCELL offers custom iPSC production services to clients in industry and academia with over 15 years’ experience as leaders in stem cell research. The third generation RNA technology is faster, more stable and footprint-free, allowing REPROCELL to deliver iPSCs in around half the time of its competitors.


What does a typical reprogramming project include?

  • Each project gets a dedicated Study Director to customize and support your needs throughout the entire project.
  • Our broad capabilities allow for customized optimization of transcription factors, culture conditions and protocol development for your unique project.
  • Through our human tissue procurement network (BioServe or Biopta clinical partners) we can ethically source fresh samples of healthy or diseased clinical material, or you can provide the source material for reprogramming.
  • We establish the primary cell cultures, expand, archive and provide the cryopreserved cells as part of the service.
  • Our highly skilled stem cell scientists have extensive experience with derivation of primary cell lines from multiple cell sources and using these newly established low passage cell lines in RNA reprogramming to achieve optimal results.
  • Cryopreserved iPSCs are provided to you from expanded-out clonal lines with validation data, according to the service level package that you have selected.
  • Our research labs can also offer differentiation services into custom-engineered somatic cells based on your requirements.