Area of Focus: Stem Cell Research

Human stem cells have become widely used for both studying fundamental molecular processes of developmental biology, as well as developing new therapies for previously intractable diseases. The manipulation of stem cells in vitro enable disease modeling and new possibilities for drug development. Most research with human stem cells has shifted toward the use of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) for moral and ethical reasons, and regulatory restrictions. The creation of iPSC has developed rapidly with many alternative technologies, most involving expression vectors or viral delivery. Although effective, these technologies are increasingly problematic as the basic research shifts to translational research and clinical applications. REPROCELL iPSC reprogramming technology is based on RNA delivery and consequently much more clinically relevant than others.

Stemgent® RNA Reprogramming Technology

mRNA provides a non-integrating, non-retained expression vehicle for gene expression, making it ideal for introducing reprogramming factors to cells. Whether you are interested in reprogramming in your lab or outsourcing reprogramming to experts, REPROCELL has the products and services to support your research. The StemRNA-3rd Gen (Cat. No. 00-0076) and StemRNA-SR (Cat. No. 00-0075) Reprogramming Kits provide high-efficiency, cost-effective solution for deriving iPS cells from fibroblasts, skin, or urine. When resources and time are limited, we can provide iPS cells tailored to your specific project.

See our Custom iPSC Reprogramming Services for more details.