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Below is a listing of publications that reference samples from the REPROCELL (formerly BioServe*) Global BioRepository.

(*BioServe was aquired by REPROCELL in 2014.)

1 Interplaying Factors That Effect Multiple Sclerosis Causation and Sustenance
2 A comparison of three methods for detecting KRAS mutations in formalin-fixed colorectal cancer specimens
3 Development of a microarray platform for FFPET profiling: application to the classification of human tumors
4 Accurate Molecular Classification of Renal Tumors Using MicroRNA Expression
5 Plasma-Derived Exosomal Survivin, a Plausible Biomarker for Early Detection of Prostate Cancer
6 Generation and External Validation of a Tumor-Derived 5-Gene Prognostic Signature for Recurrence of Lymph Node-Negative, Invasive Colorectal Carcinoma
7 Comparison of Testing Methods for the Detection of BRAF V600E Mutations in Malignant Melanoma: Pre- Approval Validation Study of the Companion Diagnostic Test for Vemurafenib
8 Systemic inflammatory profile and response to anti-tumor necrosis factor therapy in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
9 Genetics and the environment converge to dysregulate N-glycosylation in multiple sclerosis
10 Unlocking Biomarker Discovery: Large Scale Application of Aptamer Proteomic Technology for Early Detection of Lung Cancer
11 A Discovery Resource of Rare Copy Number Variations in Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder
12 Reduction of novel circulating long-chain fatty acids in colorectal cancer patients is independent of tumor burden and correlates with age
13 BMI1, Stem Cell Factor Acting as Novel Serum-biomarker for Caucasian and African-American Prostate Cancer
14 Nongradient blue native gel analysis of serum proteins and ingel detection of serum esterase activities
15 Induction of cell proliferation and survival genes by estradiol-repressed microRNAs in breast cancer cells
16 Human Intestinal Tissue and Cultured Colonic Cells Contain Globotriaosylceramide Synthase mRNA and the Alternate Shiga Toxin Receptor Globotetraosylceramide
17 Amyloid-Beta 1-42 Cross-Reactive Antibody Prevalent in Human Sera May Contribute to Intraneuronal Deposition of A-Beta-P-42