Tissue Services


Tissue Services Overview

Human clinical material and bioengineered human tissue models.

In biomedical research and translational medicine there are many uses for normal and diseased human clinical specimens. Samples are often used for biomarker identification, genetic analysis, cell line development, personalized medicine, or regenerative medicine (e.g. iPS cell conversion). The quickest access to clinical samples is from established tissue banks such as the REPROCELL Global BioRepository, which supplies frozen or preserved tissues or extracts. However, live (fresh) tissue samples are sometimes required for use in personalized or regenerative medicine applications. These applications would require active sourcing of specific clinical material and delivery to the lab in less than 24 to 36 hours to ensure freshness. For blood, urine and some other readily accessible clinical material, REPROCELL Prospective Collections can help. And finally, by using iPS cells and primary clinical material, it is possible to build bioengineered human tissue models for cell culture applications in organ regeneration, drug discovery or other applications. REPROCELL 3D Cell Services employs cell culture experts, stem cell scientists, and REPROCELL's unique tissue procurement resources to meet your requirements.

Here's a snapshot of or current Tissue Services:

Human Tissue Samples

REPROCELL's global biorepository (formerly BioServe), has one of the largest commercial collections of human biospecimens in the world. With more than 600,000 samples available, each with patient data, our collection is vast. Furthermore, we have a network of partner agencies with similar collections from which we can source material if needed.

Prospective Collections

In some cases where we don’t have the specimen required and neither do our partner agencies, we will tap into our network of clinical sites to make specific requests for specimens you require. These prospective collections can be frozen or embedded specimens, or live (fresh) clinical material for cell line establishment, reprogramming or other applications.

3D Cell Culture

Bioengineered 3D tissue models require special techniques or scaffolds, and often employ multiple cell types in a single culture system. REPROCELL offers many tools to support these applications such as Alvetex, a well known cell culture scaffold and company brand. Our close affiliation with the Durham University lab of Stefan Przyborski (inventor of Alvetex) and our stem cell expertise uniquely positions REPROCELL in the are of 3D cell culture, having the labs, apparatus, materials, know-how and experience in bioengineering tissue models. If you need assistance in creating your tissue model, or want a contract research organization to design and validate it for you, call REPROCELL for a consultation.