Respiratory Assays

Predictive Drug Discovery Services

REPROCELL is able to offer an extensive range of assays in fresh human lung tissue from healthy and diseased non-transplantable lungs or surgical residual tissues.

Such living human tissues allow REPROCELL to investigate the effects of drugs on the human respiratory systems in a number of ways including:

  • Bronchodilatation/bronchoconstriction
  • Ion channel function (and hence epithelial secretion)
  • Inflammatory responses
  • Epithelial drug absorption

Effects on respiratory function are already required to be assessed as part of the ICH S7A core battery of tests prior to human exposure. REPROCELL’s respiratory assays allow the safety of your compound to be determined far in advance of the clinical development phase. Additionally, we are able to procure diseased tissues, making it possible to carry out detailed safety studies on different patient populations, making comparisons that would otherwise be impossible. REPROCELL’s assays provide the optimum model for research into a range of conditions, such as COPD and asthma.

Whole lungs and resections of lung obtained from surgery are available fresh and can be used in a range of experimental setups such as tissue baths (shown below), wire myographs, Ussing chambers and ex vivo cultures including precision-cut lung slices.

Respiratory assays workflow


Reprocell, under its Biopta brand pharmacology services, can investigate isolated fresh tissues from many regions of the lung, including upper airways, secondary or tertiary bronchi or parenchyma.