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Webinar: Providing Safety Testing Solutions for the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry

Dr Shaheda Ahmed

About the Speaker

Dr. Shaheda Ahmed graduated as a molecular biologist and then continued her interest in science by successfully completing a PhD in the Department of Clinical Medical Sciences at Newcastle University in 2006. Following her interest in translational medicine, Dr Ahmed went on to work in Hematological Sciences in the field of bone marrow transplant biology before making a successful transition from academia to industry. She is currently utilizing her expertise at Alcyomics Ltd, a spin-out company from Newcastle University, to help provide a service provision for safety testing of biologics and cosmetics, where she holds the position of Scientific Manager. 

Dr Ahmed has broad research interests based around immunogenicity, allergy and skin explant biology with specific research interests in T lymphocyte stimulation and cytokine release in response to sensitizing chemicals and respiratory allergens, drugs and novel compounds. Dr Ahmed also has active interests in the development, validation and application of novel predictive test methods, including 3D models and bio-printed models, which aim to reduce, refine and replace the use of animals in safety assessment.