Videos and Webinars

Videos and Webinars

  1. Stemgent videos
  2. Alvetex videos
  3. Alvetex Webinars

(1.) Stemgent Videos

From the Stemgent channel on YouTube

Overview of mRNA Reprogramming (ISSCR 2011)

Getting Started with the mRNA Reprogramming Kit

An Interview with Dr. Rudolf Jaenisch on mRNA Reprogramming

Staining iPS cells for pluripotency

Tips for using cloning and recovery supplement

Mouse iPS cell cryopreservation

Thawing mouse iPS cells

Freezing human iPS cells

Thawing human iPS cells

Small molecule workflow

Valproic acid for reprogramming

DNA transfection of hiPSCs

Passaging hES and iPSCs in NutriStem

Passaging mouse iPS cells

Passaging human iPS cells

(2.) Alvetex Videos

From the REPROCELL Europe channel on Vimeo

Alvetex Promotional Videos

What is Real 3D Cell Culture?

Alvetex Scaffold: Comparison of 3D Cell Culture Techniques

Alvetex Instructional Videos

Choosing the right Alvetex Scaffold format to suit your needs

How to prepare and handle Alvetex Scaffold

Seeding cells on to Alvetex Scaffold

(3.) Alvetex Webinars

Novel Approaches for the Maintenance and Differentiation of Stem Cells and Progenitor Cells using Alvetex (Feb 2014)

Preclinical Profiling of Anti-Cancer Therapeutics using a novel 96-well 3D Cell Culture Assay (6 March 2013)

Building Better Cell-Based Assays Using Alvetex 3D Cell Culture: Demonstration of Versatility and Compatibility of Alvetex (5 September 2013)

Evaluating 3D Cell Culture: A Beginners Guide (8 March 2013)

Application of Alvetex Scaffold in the Development of 3D Co-culture Models (April 2013)

Modelling Cancer Cell Invasion Using Novel Technology for 3D Cell Culture (2013)

Formation of Mesenchymal Tissues in Alvetex Scaffold Derived From Stem Cells and Established Cell Lines (2013)

Assessment of Cancer Cell Cytotoxicity in a Novel 3D Culture Assay (Sep 2012)

Development of Novel 3D Cell Culture Assays to Study the Growth and Differentiation of Neural Tissues Using Alvetex Scaffold (16 May 2012)

REAL 3D Cell Culture (2012)