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REPROCELL Publications

Following is a list of publications in scientific journals submitted by REPROCELL Scientists.

Generation of Human iPSCs by Reprogramming with the Unmodified Synthetic mRNA
Annand RR. Methods Mol Biol 2239: (2020).

Applications of novel bioreactor technology to enhance the viability and function of cultured cells and tissues
Hoyle HW; Smith LA; Williams RJ; Przyborski SA. Interface Focus 10:20190090 (2020).

Potentiating TMEM16A does not stimulate airway mucus secretion or bronchial and pulmonary arterial smooth muscle contraction
Danahay H; Fox R; Lilley S; Charlton H; Adley K; Christie L; Ansari E; Ehre C; Flen A; Tuvim MJ; Dickey BJ; Williams C; Beaudoin S; Collingwood SP; Gosling M. FASEB BioAdvances 2:464-477 (2020).

Retained Functionality of Atherosclerotic Human Arteries Following Photoactivated Linking of the Extracellular Matrix by Natural Vascular Scaffolding Treatment
Ansari E; Anderson B; Kauser K. J Cardiovascular Trans Res : (2020).

Bioengineering novel in vitro co-culture models that represent the human intestinal mucosa with improved Caco-2 structure and barrier function
Darling NJ; Mobbs CL; González-Hau; Freer M; Przayborski SA. Frontiers Bioeng Biotech 8:992 (2020).

Application of pharmacogenomics and bioinformatics to exemplify the utility of human ex vivo organoculture models in the field of precision medicine
Cowan K; Macluskie G; Finch M; Palmer CNA; Hair J; Bylesjo M; Lynagh S; Brankin P; McNeil M; Low C; Mallinson D; Gourlay EM; Child H; Cheyne L Bunton DC. PLoS ONE 14:e0226564 (2019).

Wnt Inhibition Facilitates RNA-Mediated Reprogramming of Human Somatic Cells to Naive Pluripotency
Bredenkamp N; Yang J; Clarke J; Stirparo GG; von Meyenn F; Baker D; Drummond R; Ren Y; Li D; Wu C; Rostovskaya M; Eminli-Meissner S; Smith A; Guo G. Stem Cell Rep 13:1083 (2019).