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REPROCELL Publications

Following is a list of publications in scientific journals submitted by REPROCELL Scientists.

Generation of Human iPSCs by Reprogramming with the Unmodified Synthetic mRNA
Annand RR.
Methods Mol Biol 2239 (2020).

Applications of novel bioreactor technology to enhance the viability and function of cultured cells and tissues
Hoyle HW; Smith LA; Williams RJ; Przyborski SA.
Interface Focus 10:20190090 (2020).

Potentiating TMEM16A does not stimulate airway mucus secretion or bronchial and pulmonary arterial smooth muscle contraction
Danahay H; Fox R; Lilley S; Charlton H; Adley K; Christie L; Ansari E; Ehre C; Flen A; Tuvim MJ; Dickey BJ; Williams C; Beaudoin S; Collingwood SP; Gosling M.
FASEB BioAdvances 2:464-477 (2020).

Retained Functionality of Atherosclerotic Human Arteries Following Photoactivated Linking of the Extracellular Matrix by Natural Vascular Scaffolding Treatment
Ansari E; Anderson B; Kauser K.
J Cardiovascular Trans Res (2020).

Bioengineering novel in vitro co-culture models that represent the human intestinal mucosa with improved Caco-2 structure and barrier function
Darling NJ; Mobbs CL; González-Hau; Freer M; Przayborski SA.
Frontiers Bioeng Biotech 8:992 (2020).

Application of pharmacogenomics and bioinformatics to exemplify the utility of human ex vivo organoculture models in the field of precision medicine
Cowan K; Macluskie G; Finch M; Palmer CNA; Hair J; Bylesjo M; Lynagh S; Brankin P; McNeil M; Low C; Mallinson D; Gourlay EM; Child H; Cheyne L Bunton DC.
PLoS ONE 14:e0226564 (2019).

Wnt Inhibition Facilitates RNA-Mediated Reprogramming of Human Somatic Cells to Naive Pluripotency
Bredenkamp N; Yang J; Clarke J; Stirparo GG; von Meyenn F; Baker D; Drummond R; Ren Y; Li D; Wu C; Rostovskaya M; Eminli-Meissner S; Smith A; Guo G.
Stem Cell Rep 13:1083 (2019).