Reprogramming Human Cells

REPROCELL’s scientists partner with you to develop and deliver footprint-free induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells to meet your research needs. Our scientists offer validated, cutting-edge technology (using microRNA, mRNA and srRNA) and know-how that enable biotechnology, pharmaceutical, academic, and contract research organizations to respond rapidly to the changing landscape of stem cell research. Contact us to tell us how we can help you.

The advantages of RNA:

RNA Reprogramming fulfills all of the basic requirements needed for deriving clinical-grade iPS cells:

· Rapid reprogramming kinetics

o Fast to reprogram

o Fast to usable (vector-free) iPS colonies

· Virus-free and DNA-Free

o No long term passaging and screening to remove vectors

· Integration-free

o GMP -compatible

· Feeder-free

· Highly efficient

o Requires fewer target cells

o Excellent success with difficult-to reprogram targets (such as many patient-derived samples)