REPROCELL Protocols and Manuals


Cell Cultivation Protocol for ReproHepato™ — Cat.# RCDH001NPR-REPROCELL-RCDH001N-CULTIV-D001
Calcium imaging of ReproNeuro™ — Cat.# RCESDN001, RCESDN002, RCDN002N, RCDN003PPR-REPROCELL-RCDN002N-CALIMAG-D001002
Calcium imaging of ReproNeuro™ cells — Cat.# RCDN002N, RCDN003P, RCDN001NPR-REPROCELL-RCDN002N-CALIMAG-D002001
Protocol of ReproNeuro™ — Cat.# RCDN002N, RCDN003PPR-REPROCELL-RCDN002N-THAWING-D001001
Protocol of ReproNeuro™ — Cat.# RCDN002N, RCDN003P, RCDN001NPR-REPROCELL-RCDN002N-THAWING-D002001


Instruction Manual: ReproCardio 2™ — Cat.# RCDC001NMAN-REPROCELL-RCDC001N-D001
Instruction Manual: Feeder Cells (SL10) — Cat.# RCHEFC001MAN-REPROCELL-RCHEFC001-D001
Instruction Manual: Cryopreservation with ReproCryo DMSO Free™ — Cat.# RCHEFM002MAN-REPROCELL-RCHEFC002-D001
Instruction Manual: Feeder Cells (MEF) — Cat.# RCHEFC003MAN-REPROCELL-RCHEFC003-D001
Instruction Manual: Freezing Medium for human ES/iPS Cells — Cat.# RCHEFM001MAN-REPROCELL-RCHEFM001-D001
Instruction Manual: Primate ES Cell Medium — Cat.# RCHEMD001MAN-REPROCELL-RCHEMD001-D001
Instruction Manual: ReproFF2™ Cat.# RCHEMD006MAN-REPROCELL-RCHEMD006-D001
Instruction Manual: Dissociation Solution for human ES/iPS Cells — Cat.# RCHETP002MAN-REPROCELL-RCHETP002-D001
Instruction Manual: ReproMed™ iPSC Medium — Cat.# RCRM101MAN-REPROCELL-RCRM101-D001
Instruction Manual: Primary Hepatocyte culture with ReproHP Medium™ — Cat. No. RCRM201 (and RCRM201-S)MAN-REPROCELL-RCRM201-D001