Area of Focus: Regenerative Medicine

A strong area of future growth in health care is predicted to be regenerative medicine. Already cell therapy has been used for years to treat certain human diseases. Furthermore, many somatic stem cell therapies are currently in clinical trials worldwide. It is also predicted that induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) will be a key cell resource in the future to support a variety of approaches to regenerative medicine. With a pedigree of commercializing and researching stem cells, REPROCELL is positioned to be a key player in regenerative medicine.

The REPROCELL Medical business unit, newly formed in 2017, is leading the effort toward patient care and commercial support of the emerging regenerative medicine market. To meet the evolving market needs of regulatory compliant and higher grade materials, REPROCELL is developing a suite of GMP-compliant and clinical grade products and services. And, through a partnership with Steminent Biotherapeutics (Taiwan), REPROCELL has acquired the rights to begin clinical trials in Japan for the treatment of a rare form of neurodegenerative disease, using an enriched preparation of human mesenchymal stem cells (Stemchymal®) supplied by Steminent. These efforts by REPROCELL represent a shift in corporate strategy toward precision medicine and therapies to support the emerging regenerative medicine commercial and medical market.

To learn more about REPROCELL’s investments, activities and capabilities in Regenerative Medicine, contact the REPROCELL regional business office in your geography.