Predictive Drug Discovery Services
Therapeutic Areas: Respiratory

Respiratory diseases are some of the most common medical conditions in the world. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) accounts for 5% of global deaths annually (WHO). Asthma is the most common noncommunicable disease in children, with more than 230 million sufferers of all ages worldwide (WHO). REPROCELL offers a number of products and services for respiratory disease researchers.

Precision Cut Lung Slice Assay

Precision-cut lung slices retain the structural and functional integrity of lung tissue to offer a phenotypically accurate model for lung behavior. This model can be used to measure a variety of endpoints such as structural integrity, tissue viability or biomarker release. By comparing animal and human data, translation of preclinical animal data into human clinical information can be assessed.

Typical workflow for a precision-cut lung slice project. Other human tissues can also be prepared as slices, including fresh tumour tissues.



Above: Dose-response relationship for TNFα release in a precision cut lung slice assay.


3D Human Airway Mucosa Model Using Alvetex Scaffold

REPROCELL’s Alvetex Scaffold inserts (AVP005) were used to develop a 3D model for human lung mucosa. This model shows multiple cell types typically found in airway mucosa. This 3D mucosal model was extended to create a model for bacterial infection, which will allow for the study of the mechanism and treatment of COPD and otitis media. (Ref: PLoS ONE 11(4): e0153985 (2016).)