Predictive Drug Discovery Services
Therapeutic Areas: Metabolic

Metabolic diseases are a growing health problem. More than 8% percent of adults worldwide suffer from diabetes, and this rate has doubled in the last 25 years (World Health Organization). Obesity rates have doubled as well, and a majority of the world’s population lives in areas where obesity kills more people than malnourishment. The Biopta human tissue assay group provides assays for the evaluation of new agents to combat metabolic diseases.

Vasoconstriction and Vasodilation

Alterations in contractility of blood vessels has been linked to a number of the pathologies associated with diabetes mellitus. REPROCELL’s Centre for Predictive Drug Discovery (formerly Biopta) has a number of assays to measure the effects of test agents on the contractility of human arteries and veins. Both healthy tissue as well as tissue from patients suffering from diabetes can be used to investigate the disease-specific effects of potential new drugs.

metabolic_1Above: Dose-response for test-agent induced vasoconstriction.