Predictive Drug Discovery Services
Therapeutic Areas: Cardiovascular

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) covers a range of different diseases and conditions affecting the heart and/or blood vessels. The most crucial risk factors for CVD are hypertension and dyslipidemia of which accelerate the development of atherosclerotic plaques building up within blood vessels, and potentially leading to thrombic events such as heart attack or stroke. As a leading cause of death in the developed world, CVD continues to be a source of major investment by pharmaceutical companies for drug development.

REPROCELL offers iPSC-derived human cardiomyocytes for disease modeling and in vitro cardiotoxicity assessment. Available are support media and reagents for iPSC and cardiomyocytes (some products are shown below). From BioServe tissue resources are available heart tissue, human blood and plasma and other samples from CVD patients. Contract research services from the Centre for Predictive Drug Discovery (formerly Biopta) include blood vessel and cardiac contractility assays, ex vivo drug efficacy assessments and cardiac safety studies all performed on ethically-sourced live human heart tissue or vasculature.