Predictive Drug Discovery Services / Platform Technologies

Biomarkers in Fresh Human Tissue

REPROCELL provides biomarker analysis in a range of human fresh diseased and healthy intact tissues, within flexible assay systems.

What makes our service unique?

By combining multiplex immunoassays with our ethical access to human fresh healthy and diseased tissue samples, REPROCELL Biopta offers a unique service based on the Bio-Plex Immunoassay system, which is capable of reading up to 50 analytes per sample.

Why is biomarker measurement of increasing importance to drug development?

Biomarkers in human fresh tissues are an increasingly important part of drug discovery. The measurement of analytes such as growth factors, chemokines or cytokines released from tissue samples can be a powerful pharmacodynamic experiment, particularly in diseased tissues.

Which biomarkers can be measured?

Biopta uses the Luminex platform, providing sensitive measurement of a wide range of analytes. The system is compatible with multiplex kits from a number of manufactures including Bio-Rad, Life Technologies and Millipore. The example below shows the measurement of TNF alpha from human precision cut lung slices in the presence of increasing concentrations of lipopolysaccharide.

What level of throughput can be achieved in human fresh tissues?

REPROCELL’s approach to predictive tests is to retain phenotypic relevance by using intact 3D tissues that properly reflect human biology and to miniaturise assays to maximise the throughput per donor tissue. Biopta does this by using small tissue explants or precision-cut tissue slices that allow multiple tissue samples of the same dimensions to be cultured in individual wells. The throughput per donor varies depending on the tissue type, but can be as high as 20-24 for skin explants or higher still for precision-cut lung slices. When combined with the analysis of up to 50 analytes per well, testing your compounds in human fresh tissues provides powerful data in a cost-effective manner.